Digital technology allows us a much larger scope to tell stories that were pretty much the grounds of the literary media.
— George Lucas

What Services Do We Offer?

Media Format Transfers

  • The following formats can currently be converted to DVD format. :
    • 8mm film, Super 8, VHS, VHSc, High 8, MiniDV, Beta
  • Slides & Prints [such as photo albums] can be transferred to a DVD.
    • Music, text, and audio can be added if desired.

CD/DVD Duplication & Custom Labeling

  • A single copy can be produced or many.
  • Custom labeling
    • Full color labels are produced on paper or direct to the CD or DVD [via Inkjet application].
  • Packaging options are available and can be discussed with your PSC technician.

Digital Video Editing

  • Media of various types can be converted and edited to specific cuts, orders, run time lengths.
  • Special effects and things such as stills can be inserted.

Video Capture

  • Scenes can captured from video for transfer, print or other electronic media.

*Prices for all services are available upon request, and vary depending on the projects scope and size.